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August 13, 2010

What You Get When You Work at a Pet Store

About 2 years ago I was working at a pet boutique in my mall. For about a year I was working there selling puppies and things. I never liked any of the pups in partiular to want to take them home until this little guy showed up.

When the new puppies came in, I was the only kid working. It was a rainy slow week day just after Christmas so everyone who was gonna buy a puppy did, or was broke from the holiday. So there I was with about 22-25 3 month old puppies. I was in my glory.

The one that caught my eye was a little black poof. A little black poodle that couldn't have weighed more than 3 pounds. I'd known him for an hour and we already had bonded. That whole night he sat on my lap and ate Woppers that we got free from the Burger King on the other side of the mall.

After my shift was over I put all of the puppies to sleep and said good night to my little guy

Every shift that I would work from then on I would be holding this puppy.

About a month passed and this dog was still here after all of the other ones were sold. He was even too big to be in the pen with the smallest puppies anymore. I would try to show him to the costumers but no one wanted him. I remember showing him to a lady once and she said "No, I can't take him he's your dog. He belongs to you can't you see it?" He was there for a few more weeks and became known as "The Man"

(yea i put my boy puppy in a dress, whaddup?)

On a weekend that I wasn't working my mom and I went to buy a rug. I had a plan and brought some money with me. We stopped at the pet store. Much to my surprise my mom didn't put up a fight and 
was mine.

my little logany

arn't they a pair...

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