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August 17, 2010

there's one in every family

a psycho cat!

mines a little girl named abigail. what's yours?

theres good stories that go with how i got each of my animals. not so much this one...disappointing i know.

never once had i had a female pet. and for the longest time i wanted a friend for spencer.
we had 2 dogs that kept each other company and then there was lonely spencer. 1 lonely cat. 

i wanted a little dainty lady kitten that i can call "my little girl"

aww doesn't she look innocent?

anyway, she held up to that name for about a day.

this was shortly after her first introduction with spencer where she slapped him across the face and fell off the bed. smooth little girl, smooth.

but now there good.

lets all take a moment for the PDP {pretty darn precious} that is coming up in the next two pictures..


ok moments past!

i sometimes refer to my not so little anymore little girl as "a big burly man"

it may not look like it, but she gives logan a run for his money in the stocky department...

this picture happened in about .0001 seconds then she was off like a crazy woman. i'm still shocked that i got the picture. look at those claws.

i wish she could stay a teeny kitten forever

but now she's all growed up

spencer does the sad depressed look very well.
abigail does the deer in the headlights very well.

those eyes...

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