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July 27, 2010

My First Kitten


One dog. No better way than to balance it out with a kitten.

 In my building were not supposed to have any animals, but a little baby kitty was just too high on my list to pass up. my best friend Heather had cats and dogs already so she knew where I should get my kitten. We went to a pet store. It was the most disgusting store ever. I felt dirty just walking in there. Walking to the back of the store were two tiny kittens. Probably brother and sister. I wanted the boy. I named him Spencer Rae.

I got Spencer July 2007

I couldn't wait to get the poor thing out of that place. I didn't care how much they were gonna charge me. Heather's mother "rescued" all of their animals from that place so they gave us a discount. I took Spencer out of the cage and Heather's mother Faith said, "Ok. Get that one too." She couldn't see the only little girl kitten shoved back in the cage to suffer. Both kittens were now getting homes they deserve. 

Heather named her kitten Phoenix, later renamed Dum Dum.

Just incase I didn't make it clear enough oh how disgusting the store was: Spencer has a bad skin infection called Scabies and needed medication to make it go away. He also wasn't cleaning himself because of the living situation he was in.

Funny story...my mom had NO idea I was going out to buy a kitten, she thought I was going to Heathers house. When we got home and they dropped me off, I put spencer in my tote bag so my mom wouldn't see him. I walked into my house and straight into my room. Looking back now I was being SO obvious. She knew something weird was going on because I was only gone a little while and I was supposed to be going to Heather's house to hang out.

Mom: What are you doing back so early?
Me: I don't know I didn't want to stay long.
Mom: What do you have in your bag?
Me: nothing...?
Spencer: Meow!

The cat was out of the bag.
Louie and Spencer got along amazingly from the first minute I brought him into the house.

This was not posed. Not joking.

He does the sad depressed face VERY well.

My little Spencer is all growed up =)

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