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September 5, 2010

fall wreath diy

OK so fall is here and my spring wreath really isn't cuttin it anymore. 
SO i whipped out my glue gun and yarn and went. to. town.

I feel like explaining the steps would be a little....pointless since im showing pictures and all so i guess after every picture i'll point out the obvious!

here we go

take it - wrap it - knot it.

i found some directions online to make felt gift bows. 
you can too! i believe in you! try it!

abigail KINDLY helped me with this one. and by helped i mean laid on the bag of stuffs and wouldn't move. thanks abby

I can bet theres a professional way to make the pom-poms.
YOU can bet i didn't follow those professional directions.


PS logan has a fohawk now.

look a scoop truck!

...oh ADD...

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