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July 26, 2010

My First Puppy

My next four posts, I've decided are going to be dedicated to my aminals. Starting with the oldest:


My first dog Snow, lived to be 16 years old, but we had to put him down because he was so old and sick. I was more of his pet because he has a year on me, but whatever. He was a Bishon Frise. Which is a fancy way of saying Maltese and Poodle. When he was gone, I was a mess and wasnt ready to have another pet even though the house wanst the same without a dog running around. 

About a year later, when I was about to turn 16, mom finally said yes to another dog. I got Louie as my 16th birthday present. It was either a puppy or a sweet sixteen. Since I didn't even want a party, I chose the dog. My cousin had a friend who bred all different kinds of puppies in his house, so we went to check them out. I had wanted a Yorkie so bad for a long time and even wanted to get one when Snow was still alive. We went to the house and there was one Yorkie that was brought out for me. His name was picked out to be Hollister. Me and mom were watching him run around and were getting ready to get his papers and leave. Mom asked me if I was sure and definitely wanted this dog. I looked in the cages and saw a little black fluff. A Poodle. It could easily fit in my two hands. He was in the littlest ball on the inside corner of the bottom cage. I took him out of the cage and was deciding between the two of the dogs now. He was very timid, the Yorkie was jumping all over the place. I took a minute to look at the Yorkie and then back over to the poodle. He was gone and we couldn't find him. I saw him wiggling. He was forcing himself into a little ball BEHIND the cage. He was so scared and little. He was mine. We named him Louis Vuitton because he was a little French Poodle boy. He is Louie for short.

On the ride home, he was shaking and drooling. Then he threw up on me. A lot.

He made himself right at home in seconds. We never caged him again.

Three years later, this ball is still his favorite thing.

I swear this dog would let me do anything to him. Even put him in the garbage.

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