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June 24, 2010

Spring Wreath DIY

My bedroom door was looking a little plain, so after a little boredom last night, I decided to do a little arts and crafts project. I plan on making a few others for the different seasons, but for now I'll start with Spring.

I used a straw wreath for this, but any kind would be fine. I wanted mine to be messy and not totally covered.

The doilie gives the wreath a little bit of a vintage feel and texture that I love. You can find them in any linen store like Bed Bath and Beyond, or if you're like me, have millions of them in your Italian grandmothers house. So just take a few, she'll never notice.

Blue and white paper flowers 99¢ at Michaels Crafts. Pick up as many different colors that you can. You never know when you can use them.

Always look in the $1 finds section in Michaels Crafts. The birdhouse along with other great things just a buck.

Also added a little bit of hemp cord around random spots.

Finish it off with a ribbon to hang it and you're good to go.

Thanks again Ashley!


  1. This is just too pretty! I love the bird theme :)

  2. Beautiful wreath. I really love the bird sitting on the side!


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