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June 18, 2010

My New Room

After about a bagillion years of begging my mom to switch bedrooms with me she finally caved and I redid my whole room.

"I wanna redo my room. I want it to be blue, brown, and black. I want there to be hints of zebra. blah blah blah." Is all I would talk about for about 3 years. I never thought I would do it because I had my old room painted orange, blue and pink by my grandfather a couple years before. BUT he loves me and I'm his favorite grandchild of course so he said he would paint my new room.

It's basically my first total redecoration and I'm very proud of it.

The sculpture over the bed was a DIY that I did out of plastic cups and staples.

As for the pallet bed, I got the idea from Ashley Ann's Blog. She's crazy talented. Thanks for the inspiration

The shelf above the desk has since been moved to above the pallet bed and the free wall will soon be accompanied by a painting.

Update: The empty wall above the desk has finally been filled with a painting. My aunt got it from an artist in China, brought it home to LA, mounted it, then sent it to NY.

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